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Say goodbye to dull, sterile conference rooms and uncomfortable ballrooms – the era of unique and friendly meeting places is here! Transform any room from dull to dazzling with Stache’s one-of-a-kind furniture and decor! Take your space to the next level with minimal effort – or show us your creativity and let us see your ideas! We’ll help you turn any space into a reflection of your brand’s aesthetic.

Staché  Vintage Rentals is amazing!  The owner, Jocelynn Tudor, is a pleasure to work with because she is prompt, courteous, extremely talented and so very creative.  She focuses on her client’s wishes, and executes her plan flawlessly.  She has the ability to work within any budget, and happily gave me 100% priority with her time.  She goes the extra mile and completely exceeded my expectations!  Jocelynn is delightful and has set her bar with very high standards.  I will always rely on Jocelynn to create a memorable party.  After working with Jocelynn, I don’t think I could do it without her!”

 –Kyle Downs Drerup




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